Method of making mechanical flow valve

Method of making mechanical flow valve

The mechanical flow valve includes a regulating valve, a two-position two-way reversing valve and a one-way valve, and the two-position two-way reversing valve, the one-way valve and the regulating valve are in parallel with each other. When the two-way reversing valve is not working, it is mainly to control the flow rate of the system oil route, so that it is basically constant, not affected by pressure and temperature, by adjusting the knob to control the flow rate; When the two-way commutator valve is connected, the speed control valve is short-circuited, the oil directly from the commutator valve through, so as to achieve rapid flow, at this time can be quickly back action; When reverse oil feed, oil directly through the one-way valve into oil, the same speed control valve is short-circuited; Therefore, the valve in the hydraulic system can realize the multi-stage speed regulation feed and fast return function, widely used in various machine tool hydraulic system. In the need for quick return action, as long as the two - way valve directly connected, can achieve maximum flow, system response greatly accelerated.

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