How to deal with axial plunger pump flow insufficient

How to deal with axial piston pump flow insufficient 

Piston pump is an important power element in the whole hydraulic system, the failure will seriously affect the work efficiency, the axial piston pump flow is insufficient how to deal with it? This must not let you are very confused, so today plunger pump manufacturers to introduce for you!
First, the variable pump flow can be adjusted by changing the Angle of the tilting disc element. When the position of the plunger reaches 0° to 180°, the volume of the plunger cylinder becomes larger, and the oil suction port of the oil distribution pan will flow into the liquid to the cylinder, thereby increasing the flow. When the position of plunger reaches 180° to 360°, the volume of plunger cylinder decreases, and the flow rate decreases. For the quantitative pump, the tilt Angle is fixed, is not through this method to regulate the flow.
Secondly, what are the causes of insufficient plunger pump flow? 1. The oil level of the oil tank is too low; 2. Blockage or leakage of tubing or oil filter and other components; 3. Before running the oil pump, the oil is not filled with liquid, leaving some air in it; 4. The center spring of the oil pump is not elastic enough or broken, and the plunger cannot return normally; 5. Poor sealing between cylinder block and oil distribution plate element; 6, variable axial piston pump variable Angle is too small, you can adjust the Angle to change the insufficient flow; 7, cylinder block, oil distribution plate, cylinder block and other components wear more serious, oil leakage; 8. Low oil temperature leads to decreased oil viscosity and internal leakage of plunger pump.
As long as you follow the steps above, the axial piston pump flow is insufficient this problem will be readily solved. Hope above content can bring help to everybody later use! If you have any questions, welcome to inquire at any time! Plunger pump manufacturers professional staff will wholeheartedly for your service!

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