What problems are easy to appear in gear pump use

What problems are easy to appear in gear pump use

Introduction of ZF gear pump
ZF gear pump is a type of hydraulic pump which is a part of the machine lubrication, oil supply or other liquid system. It is rotary. The gearbox has two or more gears engaged in rotation
It sucks in the fluid from one side and then expels it from the other. Its vibration and noise than screw pump slightly larger, can be used as screw pump replacement type. Its function is to make oil or other fluid medium have certain pressure
And flow and flow direction.
Gear pump working principle
The concept of the gear pump is very simple, that is, its most basic form is the same size of two gears in a tight fit in the shell meshing rotation, the interior of the shell is similar to "8" shape,
Two gears are installed inside, and the outer diameter and both sides of the gears are closely matched with the shell. The material from the extruder enters between the two gears at the suction inlet and fills this space as the teeth rotate along the shell
The motion is finally discharged when the two teeth engage.
Introduction to double gear pump
Double gear pump is a combination of two gear pump pump, its installation size and single pump. There are two oil outlets and one oil suction outlet.
Gear pump classification and differences are as follows:
Single gear pump = one oil outlet,
Double gear pump = two oil outlets
Triple gear pump = three oil outlets.
The difference between gear pump and vane pump
1. All are reversed-transfer positive displacement pumps with certain self-priming capacity, but dry rotation is not allowed;
2. Both have continuous flow, but also pulsation of flow and pressure;
3, the theoretical flow rate is determined by the size and speed of the working part, and has nothing to do with the discharge pressure;
4, rated discharge pressure and working parts size, speed, mainly depends on the sealing of the pump and the bearing capacity of the parts; Differences:
1) gear pump structure is more simple, reliable, low price; Blade pump structure is more complex, parts manufacturing accuracy requirements are higher, the blade is more easily stuck, more sensitive to the cleaning degree and viscosity of oil.
2) irreversible design of the gear pump can usually reverse, but reverse suction row change, and the pump safety valve does not work; Blade pumps are generally not allowed to reverse.
3) the single-acting vane pump can be designed to change the eccentricity by moving stator at the same speed to achieve the purpose of changing the direction variable.
Gear pump advantages and disadvantages
The advantages of gear pump: manufacturing cost is cheap, simple structure, is two ordinary gear meshing.

The above: The development prospect of hydraulic high pressure gear pump is bright

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