Examples of pressure switches application

Examples of pressure switches application

Pressure switches are widely used. For example, when the cutting force of the machine tool is too large, automatic tool retreat, automatic stop of lubrication system due to blockage failure, etc., are controlled by the electrical signal from the pressure relay. Examples of pressure relays are numerous, but to sum up, they all play two roles: automatic sequence control and safety protection.
(1) the pressure relay plays a sequential control role. FIG. U shows a circuit that USES the pressure relay to control the electromagnetic reversing valve to realize the sequential action of the oil cylinder. Firstly, IYA is energized, valve 1 is reversed, and the pressure oil enters cylinder 5 to make its piston move to the right. When the end point is reached, the system pressure increases. The pressure relay 3 sends out an electrical signal to energize 3YA, and the pressure oil enters the left cavity of cylinder 6 to make its piston advance. After advancing to the end point, the circuit design energizes 4YA (3YA loses power). Valve 2 reverses, the pressure oil enters cylinder 6 right chamber, causes its piston to return. When the piston returns to its original position, the pressure of the system increases and the pressure relay 4 signals to energize 2YA (power off 1YA). The pressure oil enters the right chamber of cylinder 5, causing its piston to return. In order to prevent the misoperation of the pressure relay, the preset pressure of the pressure relay should be 300 ~ 500KPa higher than the working pressure of the cylinder, but 300 ~ 500KPa lower than the setting pressure of the overflow valve.
(2) pressure relay plays a role of safety protection figure V is a circuit of pressure relay used for safety protection. The pressure relay is installed in the oil inlet chamber of the oil cylinder. When the oil cylinder forward meets the baffler or the cutting force is too large, the pressure in the oil inlet chamber (left end) of the cylinder increases and reaches the set value of the pressure relay. When the pressure relay sends an electrical signal to cut off the electromagnetic valve Z, the cylinder returns quickly.

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